One TV Works the Other Doesn't - Please Help


I have something strange going on. My Tablo is connected to my network via ethernet with speeds over 300 MB. I have an AppleTV in one room that works flawlessly and another AppleTV in another room that doesn’t stream content from Tablo (both 4K AppleTV units connected wirelessly). I connects, streams, and then freezes after about 5 seconds. The AppleTV that is not working is further from my wireless access point, but the AppleTV shows five circles of reception and every other app streams beautifully (NetFlix, Hulu, etc.) What do you think is going on? Thanks in advance!


Sounds like you may need a wifi extender in the other room. You can check your wifi coverage with an app like Wifi Signal.


I do not think the signal is the issue. The AppleTV unit says it has five out of five circles, other apps stream perfectly, my phone and laptop all connect without issue. Why would only the Tablo app have an issue. Weird.


Switch the non working unit to the other tv and see how it does. Deleting and reinstalling the Tablo app might help too.