One tablet has blank live tv, other tablet / devices populate fine. Help!

So I’ve had my Tablo Quad for years, been using it greatly. The wife calls me in today to show the guide data is empty on her Samsung tablet running Android 13. Cleared cache and uninstalled/reinstalled the Tablo app via the play store, all to no avail.

The app on my Windows PC, two other Android devices all populate the data just fine, so likely somethig with the specific tablet, but like I said, I’ve gone as far as re-installing the app and got no joy.

Any suggestions?

I have a Samsung phone that is on Android 13 and it works flawlessly. I also have a Samsung tablet, but it is still on Android 11, but it also works flawlessly.

Have you tried turning the tablet completely off and then starting rather than just a restart?

Sorry, I don’t have any other suggestions.

I also have a Samsung tablet, and sometimes when it updates it doesn’t tell me and things get wonky unless I totally shut it down, wait half a minute or so and then restart. Then it seems to work fine until the next time Samsung does a secret update.

Well, that took an unexpected turn. Kept poking around, and noticed the tablet was not set for automatic time & date (not sure why), although the time and date looked to be right. But, I set them to automatically get those, and the guide data showed up! Go figure.

Hopefully this will save someone else in the future…

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