One small step for DVR

… at least in my house.  My wife watched the DVR’d premiere of “Scorpion” *1 off the Tablo / Roku 3 without assistance on my part.  Between the Roku remote app I installed on her iPhone 4, CEC volume control between the TV on the receiver and the “input” control on the tv remote.   She says she likes the show and I wouldn’t be into it.   Great!   She’s not really “into technology”.  Now, she can watch Craig Fergusen’s new game show premiere as well.  I may watch that as well.

My wife never really figured out the “Boxeebox/SMB/Linux PC wtih HDTV tuner” thing. 

OK, this really may be “one giant step for OTA DVR”, at least in my house.

*1 why would I watch a show that was really named “”.  I dislike unmatched tags.  Did someone cancel “” already?

Good luck. I hope I have similar results :slight_smile: Minus Scorpion and Craig Ferguson of course.

Glad to hear it’s going well in your house @stivae