One shows--recordings split up

I’m having major troubles. I went a year or more with almost no issues that has all changed in the last month or two. Now when I record episodes it often splits them up into multiple records. American Idol was split into 4 recordings. The nightly news was split into two episodes last tonight, but tonight it recorded it just fine. Split up episodes have playback issues and freeze up. I can back out of them on my Apple TV and then jump back in to be able to watch another minute or so and then it will freeze again. It’s incredibly annoying. I tried to adjust the antenna. That didn’t seem to help. It looks like my signal is really strong for all of the shows (5 green circles for 42 local channels). I don’t know what is going on. Please help! I don’t get why Tablo is all of the sudden sucking so badly.

Does Live TV work ok, or just recordings having a problem?

Yep, it does. Just the recording is screwed up.

If just recordings maybe drive problem. I don’t know how Tablo does but TiVo’s don’t deal with bad sectors very well sometimes.

I think it is some kind of software timing issue. It freezes after 1 minute 20-25 seconds. The picture freezes then resumes with no sound. I back out and can resume just fine where it froze but it happens again at 1 minute 20-25 seconds later. If the show records without being split up it plays just fine (i.e. one recording for the entire episode).

That’s a great thought. I can try hooking up a new drive and see if that fixes it. Thanks!

Have you run & saved a channel scan recently?

The green circles are only a representation of your signal strength at your last saved scan. Usually the symptoms you’re encountering are a result of signal reduction or interference.

Yes, I rescanned it after adjusting the antenna.

In that case, I’d touch base with support to have them look at your Tablo’s logs to confirm if it is a hard drive issue before you go that route:

If your drive is external a simple thing to try is a different USB cable (just to rule it out).

If you hook up a different drive, of course it wipes formats and loads software, but does it marry it to the Tablo so the original drive will not work (till the Tablo wipes etc. it) like TiVo’s?

From your post looks like you relied on the Tablo’s dots. You should use your TV or any other device with active signal meter when adjusting antenna, to get strongest most stable signal. I’ve noticed you can get the 5 green circles with marginal signal and very unstable.

Do you have a recommended signal meter brand or type? I don’t own one. I was just using the listing with each channel’s degree measurements and the compass app on my phone.

Actual meters are very expensive, but your TV should have a active meter, hook antenna to just it will vary how by TV should be easy to find how to see meter while on a channel. Adjust antenna for strongest signal for all channels you want, will have to will have to go back and forth thru channels and compromise if from different directions.

Thanks, everyone for your help. I sent a message to Tablo twice about it (via the email ticket link on the support page), but they never responded. I was going to work on adjusting the satellite this weekend, but just as mysteriously as the shows started recording in multiple chunks, they started recording flawlessly again. So maybe Tablo support fixed it without communicating back with me? At any rate, it is now working great again and I am back to fully enjoying Tablo.