One show in 5 recordings that won't play

Grr! Tablo makes me so mad sometimes. Whenever we get bad weather, it splits shows up into 4 or 5 recordings, and none of the show segments will play. One night of bad recordings is fine, but Tablo inexplicably continues to split up recordings on ABC for weeks afterward. Yes, I have tried rescanning several times. No, I have never had bad signal strength (always all green circles for all 40 channels every time I rescan). It has been a continual problem over the last 4 years. Eventually, it just seems to fix itself, and we are good until the next round of bad storms rolls in to screw it up. Why is it doing this? Does my city’s OTA satellite that broadcasts the channels from ABC just get out of whack, and it takes several weeks for the city to get it fixed? Or is Tablo to blame? I just want a good solution for this ongoing problem.

Might open a support ticket to have them rule out any hard drive issues as well.

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I swapped hard drives in December to see if that would was the issue. I switched from an HHD to an SSD, but it continues. I’ll go ahead and open a ticket.

The same thing is happening to me. I’ve only had Tablo a week, but the last 2 days have been wwawful. CBS station is close by, but the programs get divided into multiple listings and are not playable. Is this common? If so, I will probably return it. Any advice?

In general, an over-the-air recording will split if the signal is iffy. Weather, signal loss, or other interference tend to cause this issue.

A few things to try:

  • Run another channel scan to see how strong your signal is currently
  • Modify your Tablo’s internal amplification setting (through the TabloTV app). Reversing this setting might help – especially if it’s turned on and your station is very close, which means the signal might be coming in too hot.
  • If you have a powered/amplified antenna, turn that amplification off (usually unplugging it at the power source).
  • Try any combination of the antenna amp and Tablo amp to find what works best.

I would recommend a channel scan in-between any changes you make in case there are any big drops in reception. That way you can make note of what worked and what didn’t.

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I think you have answered your own question with “Whenever we have bad weather.” It’s not Tablo splitting the recording, it’s the fact that you are losing signal.

Hmmm, I didn’t know it was a possible problem of signal being too strong. I will pursue this as a possibility. I still think it may be firmware update related but this is still good info. Thank you.

Try actually reading the post before making wise crack comments.

Thanks for this info. I got an amplifier thinking it would help boost my signal to stop this from happening. But it hasn’t stopped it. I will unplug it and see if it will correct the problem.

I did submit a ticket and the recommended unchecking ABC. Saving it, rescanning, checking ABC and saving it again. But that didn’t make any improvement. Still having the same issue tonight.

Tablo support had me rescan after deselecting ABC. It still split up the recordings as before. But now for the last two nights, it has been recording properly again. Not sure if tech support did anything on there end or if it had been long enough after the last storm that my Tablo decided it wanted to finally be able to record properly again.