One Regret

Hello. I am a new user and have been using my Two Tuner Tablo for a week now and my only regret is that I did not order the Four Tuner. Being a cord cutter, I am recording more regular TV shows than I did as a cable user. Since cable had more live choices than OTA. I am able to record most shows I want but ran into a bit of a problem with Dancing with the stars. The guide has it ending 10:01 PM, so I cannot record the two shows that start at 10:00 PM only one. Wish there was a way to change that manually. Anyway good job Tablo, I am a new fan!

Me too… I plan to buy the next gen model when it comes out…

@larryg42b, what you can do is set up Dancing with the Stars as a manual recording (that is repeated weekly) and have it end at 10:00.  That should fix your issue.

Hi @Larryg4b - @snowcat is correct here. You can create manual recording by navigating to the Settings tab in your Tablo app, and tapping the + button on the top right. We have a full article on this in our knowledge base, which you can find here.

@7up, there’s always something next… might be awhile…

Me too... I plan to buy the next gen model when it comes out....

Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

@7up & @cjcox - There’s no short term plans to do any hardware updates. Lots of stuff on the software side but that’s it for now.

Thinking you meant “Schedules” Tab.

Can you ‘convert’ a scheduled recording to a manual one or do you have to start from scratch to make the manual recording?

Not 100% positive, but pretty sure you have to start from scratch

Not sure why you would want to do this… But no, you have to set a recording one of two ways and it remains that way.

Maybe if they are considering dropping the subscription?

Or if a new show pops up after that conflicts with the previous one

To facilitate changing the start and/or stop times as people have been asking for. The current ‘solution’ for having extra time before or after a program is to set up a manual recording. Being able to select a show for recording and then change it to a manual recording so you can adjust the times would make it easier. Of course, when you add the capability to adjust start/stop times on the fly, it become moot. :wink: