One movie stops playing every 3 seconds

Hello. I’ve been using tablo for about two months with no issues. I have a movie recorded that shows it’s full length is recorded. When I played on my iPad app it gets about 20 minutes in and now it stops every three seconds. I have to exit the movie and come back and play another three seconds I cannot get past this. I’ve done this at least 15 times moving forward approximately 30 seconds. There’s no antenna interference or ot¥her glitching video. I tried to play the movie on my iphone app and it stops in the same location three seconds and then kicks me out of the movie and if I hit play again it restarts me in the previous spot and replace the same three seconds.

I’ve done a hard reset on the iPad. I’ve played other TV shows and movies just fine, it’s only this one movie

Any thoughts

{edited due to me writing this late at night using speech to text and not checking it. SMH}

Can you please try a Roku or the Chrome browser on a computer? And preferably a device that is hard wired to your router.

I will try the pc chrome web app once i get home late tonight. I use appletvs (i was not airplaying at the time btw). Tablo is hard wired. And 3 other shows played with no issue. I will try ripping it tonight and see if it rips ok. And i edited the initial post since it seems i cant trust my speech to text when i am tired.