On the roof!

Well, the weather finally broke.  I got the 8-bay bowtie mounted and in place.  I’m getting all the major networks, a total of 23 channels.  The Tablo is happy now.

Looking good!

So jealous - wish I could install an antenna like that.

ET, phone home.

Nice job. I can’t even see the duct tape. :slight_smile:

So jealous - wish I could install an antenna like that.

What’s stopping you?  It may not be aesthetic looking inside the home or hanging in front of a window, but you’ll be surprised how well they work.

I tested antennae inside my home on a rolling garment rack (easy to move around and position) before final mounting in the attic.  One of the antennas was similar to @ddd671, a Terrestrial Digital DB8 8 bay bowtie antenna. Although, I finally settled on a yagi type antenna.  I’m glad I tested several different models and configurations.

@dd671 Good Job!

@streambird I strongly considered a yagi for my rig as a means to get just a little more gain.  The 8-bay I have is about +18dB, where I could get +20 dB or so from a yagi style.  The tradeoff with a yagi is gain at the cost of aperture.  Yagi’s are so directional, and I have a station that is 12 degrees off axis.  So–I really hoped to get the bowtie working. 

I’ve been toying with the idea of building a gray-hoverman style antenna.  I have an engineer friend who made one from copper foil tape and foamboard and it works great for him.  Any that I build would have to be made of sterner stuff, since I live so far away that I would need to have it outside.  Maybe next winter when I am stuck inside I will build one. 

The Tablo is happy now.

When I saw this, all I could think of was the Tablo demanding to be fed like Little Shop of Horrors:

Getting your antenna on the roof makes a world of difference.  I got my channel master outside on the old dish mast.  Nearly killed myself getting up there

I mounted my DB8 on an unused chimney … (previous owners had a wood stove in the garage which had long since been removed)

I have a 20 year old little $2 UHF bow tie antenna hanging in my 2nd floor home office window (very inconspicuous). I put it here because this window faces the antenna farm about 20 miles away. I get all the major networks plus others with excellent reception. I realize that I am lucky to live in a large city where all the broadcast transmitters are so close. I heard that these “special” HD TV antennas are nothing special as these digital signals are broadcast over the VHF and UHF (mostly UHF) spectrum that has been around since the remote control was my dad smacking me on the head and saying “Change the channel”. No surprise that the retailers want you to spend $$ on something you don’t really need.

This is funny. I put mine on the roof at the old house. Agree that its a world of difference. Also totally agree that i nearly killed myself as well getting up there.

IME inside wooden attics can work almost as well as exterior mounting. Just keep it away from any large chunks of metal equipment, roofing, flashing, guttering, etc.

Elevation is king for good HDTV reception! Lotsa things exhibit influence but elevation, elevation and more elevation will solve most, if not all reception troubles.

It depends. You can loose as much as 50% of your signal even being in the attic. But i agree, in most cases it should do the trick. In my case, i was still having trouble getting channel 2.1 in Chicago, which is notoriously challenging to get in the Chicago subs. Getting on the roof fixed that.