On iPad app: finding the recorded shows from the Recordings page is awkward

Just a suggestion here, folks.

Got my Tablo-4 yesterday and it’s pretty great. But I ran into an issue it took me quite a while to figure out. After setting up a bunch of recordings and getting some recorded, even, I went to the Recordings page/tab/whatever and tapped on one of them. Up came a popup window with great artwork that told me I had 1 season/1 episode. Great. Now what?

It took me over an hour (and I’m a software designer/developer of over 38 years) to figure out that the place I needed to go was off the bottom of the popup, and I needed to scroll down.

Would you consider (for those that are a bit new to this) putting something on that page to let folks know the info they want is below, some type of down arrow, perhaps, or text to say “scroll down for recordings…”

Or maybe minimize the size of the artwork so the recordings always show up, or maybe have the “1 season / 1 episode” be a link to expand it or…anything that keeps me from having to explain to the casual users in my family how to find the thing to play ? :slight_smile:

Thanks. Great product so far.

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Which iPad is it? Is it the Mini with a smaller screen?

correct. it’s a iPad Mini 4

also, i should point out that the iPhone app, when I tried it just now, has a better flow - it took me to the list of recorded episodes for that show, so it may not be as big of a deal.

It may be due to the smaller screen you didn’t see the list. Were you using the iPad in Landscape mode or Portrait mode? Try using the app in Portrait mode and see if you see the list.

I went onto my sisters iPad mini to look. I can see what your talking about. It also doesn’t matter if it’s landscape or portrait. On my iPhone it takes up the whole screen so you can tell you can continue to scroll.

correct. doesn’t matter how you hold it “your holding it wrong” anyone? it’s just that the screen size calc isn’t taking the iPad mini into account.