On Apple TV: why doesn't playing a recorded tv show start at the beginning?

Just got my Tablo-4 yesterday. Hooked it up and used the iPad app to create a bunch of scheduled recordings, and had some get recorded even. This was awesome. I can finally see a solution to replace my ancient MediaCenter.

Then I went to the Apple TV to play something that was underway, went to the Recorded TV page/tab/whatever and played it, but it started at the current spot and not at the beginning.

With the remote not letting me hold down the left side to rewind (already reported on another thread) and not realizing I could use the voice remote, it felt a bit weird.

Would it be possible or is there a way to have it start at the beginning of the show for shows that are being recorded?

I have noticed this too–assume its a bug. In the interim, press the mic button and and ask Siri to rewind to the beginning of the show–so, if you happen to start watching at the 25:13 mark, ask Siri to rewind 25 minutes and 13 seconds.