Older Roku users - what firmware are you on?

For anyone with a Roku 3 or older, what firmware version are you on? I have two Roku 3 boxes (4200x), and they are on 7.2.0, build 4100. I have a Roku Premiere + on build 7.6, so I know there is more current firmware for at least some boxes.

The reason I ask is that the Sling TV app no longer works on my two Roku 3 boxes. When I try to launch it, it says that a software update is needed, but there is nothing to update. This has been going on for a least a month and maybe two or three months now.

I have contacted both Roku and Sling support about this, but neither one claims responsibility. Roku says that their firmware rolls out in batches, so I really want to see if other users have the same build that I do. And if so, do you have any problems running Sling?


My 4200x has been on since early May. Every week or two go into the setting and force an update check. Sometimes updates aren’t as automatic as Roku implies.

I have checked for updates on both frequently, and even did a factory reset. My worry is that because I was in the beta program for Roku two years ago and left it, the Roku folks have set my Rokus to never update.

If that’s the problem maybe you or Roku support can unlink the device from your Roku account. Then add it back in the next day.

Try cycling the software update server via this secret menu:
5x Home
3x FF
2x RW

I didn’t know about that, but I tried it and it stayed on the same version.

The Roku folks can’t figure it out either, so both of my boxes are being RMAed. So weird.

A similar thing happened to me with the Roku Netflix app.
My Netflix app version was staying the same for over 1 year.
I thought that meant they were really done with updates. :slight_smile:
I remembered I set my Netflix account to be part of their beta program.
After I opted out of the beta program, my Netflix app started updating to newer versions.

I have two 4200X Roku 3’s. Both running 7.6.0 4124-04 installed in May of 17. Try the 5-3-2 above and see if you can force an update.

Forcing the update did nothing. So weird.