Old Version of APK?

Is it possible to get or find a previous version of the Tablo App? The reason I ask is I have an older tablet that is only running Android 4.0.4. The latest APK installs, but it errors out when buffering. I recently reset the tablet to test it and it still does the same thing.

If there is an older version or even a beta, I would love to try it out and see if I can get it to work on this tablet.

@craigalan - Unfortunately none of our Android apps ever supported anything below Android 4.1. There is technology that we need to make Tablo work that is missing in earlier O/S versions.

Thank you. Maybe the app store should be updated so the app it knows that the version of Android is not supported therefore not allowing the download. Just a suggestion.

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@craigalan - We do have restrictions set. It’s odd that it allowed the download. We’ll check on that.

The current app on the market does download and it does all but FCs on Buffering. I understand it’s not supported, but does there happen to be an older version or Beta that I can try just for S**ts and giggles?

@craigalan - It does this because it should not have been marked as available for 4.0 devices. We’ll be tweaking this.

The reason why it does not work is because it is missing some technology that is not available in the 4.0 O/S.

An older or beta version would not help as we’ve never supported products using 4.0.

Got it! Thanks!