Old DVR to Tablo

Can I record content from my existing DVR(non Tablo) to Tablo via coax? It would be a slow play one at a time process but could it be done? The DVR coax would connect to Tablo’s antenna input.

I would think very unlikely.

What is the make and model of your previous DVR?

Definitely not. The Tablo will only record OTA shows.

It is a dish DVR

There might be a way . Does your old DVR output to an RF channel? If yes, you might be able to connect the output of your DVR To the tablo’s antenna input And then do a channel scan. You will probably have to Have the DVR Playing a show so the tablo will see an active channel, probably channel three or four.

If this works, you could then set up a Manual recording for each show on your DVR And have the tablo Record them. This is definitely a clunky way to do things But it might work.

I apologize for the grammar errors , I am recovering from shoulder surgery and using speech dictation since I cannot type.

The format of the Dish DVR recording is likely wrong even if that could work.

not on playback. it should be like any other OTA stream–modulated to ch. 3 or 4.

The ch 3 or 4 output likely uses the NTSC tuner on your HDTV. While OTA TV uses the ATSC tuner on your HDTV. They are different signal modulations.

From my understanding the Tablo only has a ATSC tuner in it. It does not have a NTSC tuner as well like your HDTV does. So it wouldn’t work.

The specs for the tuner in the Tablo, no NTSC support.
“The MxL603 supports all global digital cable and terrestrial television reception standards, including: DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, ATSC, DTMB, ITU J.83 Annex A/B/C, DVB-C2, DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS. The device is software-configurable for any of these standards”


I think you are probably right. There are some devices with an ATSC output though. If the DVR is one of those it should still work. It isn’t something I would do for a TV show—maybe for videos of kids or something like that.

Would something like this work? http://www.dipolnet.com/dvb-t_modulator_signal-400_cofdm_hdmi__R86700.htm The price is in Euros so I don’t even know if there is version that would work with US signals.

Yeah, that would do it. As of this post, a Euro is worth $1.11 USD. That means that the modulator is $366.65, not including taxes and shipping. That’s a pretty expensive solution.

Even with the modulator, each show would have to be a manual record on the modulated channel since there wouldn’t be any guide data for it. I’m not even sure how to tell the Tablo to add a channel not in the normal list for your zip code.

It will likely detect the channel, then it will just be a channel with no guide data.

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