Oh ya that external hard drive thing again ALL SALES FINAL!

When I purchased my external drive (WD my passport for mac)
the helpful kid behind the counter at my local - Toronto - Best Buy told me
“No returns no exchanges no nuthin’ on external hard drive sales”
All sales are final!!!
Sure glad mine’s working but once again why do I have to go thru that stress.
I’m just sayin.


Got “The Call” from Rogers yesterday after dumping cable TV.
The service I was paying $75+ /month for the past 9 years was now available for $5.49 per month.
Got to admit it was sweet to tell them to take a hike

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One wonders why a longtime, loyal customer has to cancel their service in order to be offered the deals that new customers get. In your case, at $5.49/month, the economics of cutting the cord changes because the the payback period for up front equipment purchases. I think in most cases, with a bill approaching $100/month, we’re probably looking at approximately a 6 month payback period, when you consider the cost of the Tablo, USB drive, antenna and streaming devices for several TVs. If instead of $100/month, you’re looking at approximately $5/month, the payback period is about 20 times as long, so 6 months becomes 120 months, or 10 years. All number are rough, of course, but should serve to illustrate the point that the decision to cut the cord is pretty much a no brainer with a really short payback period. If it takes me 10 years to recoup my investment, I might have to think twice.

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My experience with both Bell and Rogers here in Canada is that they will promise you anything while you’re on the phone with the sales people,
the billing people have other ideas. That $5.49 /per month was probably a 3 month thing or it wouldn’t get down to the billing department or I had to rub my head a pat my stomach before accepting the deal. There is no way to write this without sounding incredibly bitter - I just know that to get $5.49 / month for TV would cost me hours on the phone trying to get the bill worked out with them. And my time is worth more than that.