Official Tablo wiki

I’ve noticed that the documentation in the Tablo Knowledge Base is a bit out-dated. Tablo seems to have a vibrant and enthusiastic community here, you should harness that energy in an official Tablo wiki.  You could have sections that coordinate all the information found in the community forums, but it would be much easier to use.

@dhowland - We do intend to update the KB and add additional articles. 

Is there one in particular you saw that had old info?

@TabloTV - Here’s just what I can think of right this second:

The KB mentions Chromecast support in Android, but I didn’t find any indication that phones weren’t working.

Newer settings that were added in the second half of the year may not be mentioned.  For example, what is meant by the 720p - Roku/Chromecast quality setting.  Also how auto-delete recordings works.

Is there any mention that the Android app side-loads the video player?  That was a surprise to me.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how to properly erase everything when the HD has to be replaced (or when there are phantom recordings for some other reason)  Is that in the KB?  I haven’t checked that one.

A wiki would be a perfect place for a list of known working USB drives.  The current list is hard to find and not very complete.  Also there should probably be a list for any known issues with other hardware, like antennas and wifi APs/routers.

My point is simply that documentation is hard and cordcutters are generally a self-starter kind of crowd.  You could use that.

Thank you! I was trying to figure out if auto-delete meant what I THOUGHT it did but wasn’t about to just give it a try in case it did work as I expected HA.
Yes yes to your suggestion. 
I found information that wasn’t correct or that contradicted itself and in the end, the older won out as there’s not support for my wife’s Kindle Fire (a 2nd or 3rd gen, can’t recall which) and I can’t get our phones (4.4.2 or whatever) to work well. There’s no app for them and Chromecast isn’t even working well with them.

I love my Tablo 4 tuner but find that some specific items that this community know all about are not in the documents, etc.

If I find someone here who knows how to make this work with our MotoX phones with the latest OS or my wife’s Kindle and other things that many of us have (Roku may be cool, nice or even great but it’s not something the majority of tech nuts own, found that out recently) so finding support for the growing number of Kindle owners, Android tablet and phone owners or Chromecast owners, even in the form of a wiki would be a huge huge help and take some load off he Tablo support team. Some companies do well with volunteer support staff - from what I see, this could be one of them. 

@dhowland We’ll definitely work on this. It’s important to us to have updated documentation - especially as the platform support is updated, and as the Tablo’s features and compatibility evolves. Thanks for the heads up!