Official procedure to move power plug

I need to move my tablo location. How can I be sure I don’t foul things up? What if a channel is recording? etc…

check for scheduled programs and pick another time… unplug and re-plug. It will work fine.

And double check that the USB cable is seated after you move :slightly_smiling: before powering.

Do it at 3:30 AM in the morning, no one will be using it then lol

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I too have just pulled the plug before without ill effects, but thought I read something official from the Tablo people a while ago that said something like quick press/release of blue button and pull the plug when the blue led goes solid.

I spent about 10 minutes looking for that post but couldn’t find it. Or maybe I was just imagining things. :slight_smile:

Yes - you should try to avoid pulling power if the Tablo is in the middle of some sort of process (like recording) or if the LED is blinking.