Offer dead: Tablo bundle+free lifetime guide

Just saw that the awesome Tablo+antenna+lifetime guide data bundle is now over.

Who else got in on this crazy offer?
(I picked up the $99 dual)

It had been speculation this was, maybe a house clearing. Seems the devices with onboard storage weren’t big sellers. They were most user-friendly since they are self contained.

Other’s keep dreaming ATSC 3.0 is going to flood the market, so they’re making room. :laughing:

No one really knows, there wasn’t any comment from any official Tablo users?

It’s kind of screwy. Many users who believe the old “lifetime” subscription (there was never a membership) was/is a great deal. Now to have a device with no subscription -never used the term lifetime!- available at a substantial price - likely irritated some customers.

Was this marketed anywhere other than Facebook? Wondering it they only targeted the “I read it on Facebook” demographic :wink: (more specifically they read a headline, not sure what the article may have clarified - the big headline was enough)

It was a legit offer While they had the inventory. I asked about it while talking with @TabloSupport. In my opinion they had inventory they needed to move. they did something similar before the debut of HDMI Tablo dvrs.
Not sure what may be coming out next. I guess we just wait and see.

These 2 models showed back up as available of ttheir main product WEB page. Mine is in transit. My 8 1/2 year old OG model may have been starting to die and go to elctronics heaven. So at least I now have a backup unit.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the lites show up on fb soon.