Off topic - Roku display question

OK, this is not an issue with the Tablo, but I though I could get a reasonable answer quicker here than the Roku forum.

One 1080 TV hooked up to a Roku 3 via HDMI cable has started ‘squeezing’ the display horizontally. Vertical is still full top to bottom. But the Roku home page looks like it is in 480 display mode. When you select a show to watch, the display is still pulled in on both sides as if it was 480 display mode, even if it is an HD program. Setting and resetting the Roku display resolution to 1080 makes not difference. Reboot and unplugging the Roku makes no difference.

Now I thought it was a setting on the TV that the wife had accidentally changed, but when you boot the Roku, the startup screen is in full 1080 mode, no horizontal ‘squeezing’. Once you get to the home screen (and any other show), the display is squeezed in on both sides. This is not showing up on my other Roku on another set. What should I check? Thanks.

One more troubleshooting step would be to delete the Tablo Preview channel from your Roku and then install it again. I can’t think of any reason why this would be happening to you.

try setting the Roku to SD then reboot the Roku, then set the Roku to 1080p and reboot it again.

Just to clarify this occurs with any Roku channel not just the Tablo cannel. Switching to 720 mode fixes the problem, but the 1080 mode worked until just a few days ago.

What is the make and model of your HDTV?