Off Topic - freeze over, not even April 1st

Why…why…why…ohhh why. POS Browser comes to Linux. This world truly is going to hell. Hopefully that’s Fake News.

Well, it’s not fake news, but I’m from Missouri. Reason why this has become “possible” I believe is because the “new” Edge is based on the Chromium webkit.

But truth be told, the big question for doing any work on such a thing has to be “Why?”

I’ve seen a couple articles, none offer any reasoning to it. All point out there’s not timeline or date, so I’m wondering if it will be an April Fool’s thing.

Outside the US, Widows isn’t the only OS in use. Try asking someone if they think the first web page was served :rofl: up from a Windows server :rofl: or even written on a :rofl: Windows system. :rofl: