Odd "new" episodes

Does anyone else get these odd scheduled recordings? I have my shows set to record just new episodes. Every once a while I get this (see pic) of one of my shows that says “new” but it is not. In this example, it is Blindspot that has a “new” episode only a few minutes long. In this example, 6 minutes. This has happened a couple of times with a few different shows but I think the common thread might be NBC.

I just found another scheduled recording for “This is Us” (also NBC show) that looks like it is 9 minutes long.

I went through a bunch of NBC shows,even ones I don’t record and found The Voice also has an odd “new” episode that is 7 minutes long.

So I don’t know if this is a Tablo issue or a NBC issue. Not a major issue, just wondering if others have seen this as well.

Yes I had a couple of those pop up for me as well.

Could they be some sort of Fall preview episode? Like a preview trailer (really long commercial) showcasing the new season?

This is exactly what they are. I had the This Is Us one record back in late August. It’s a “sneak peek” preview for the new season.

Makes sense. I guess it is a sneak peek for people who can’t sleep at 2am.

I’ve had this happen before, and happened again last night. Saw 3 episodes were recorded… Blacklist, Blind Spot and This Is Us. Obviously, thy’re getting flagged as new episodes for these shows, as that’s what I’m set up to record. I’ll just delete them without watching.