Observation about Tablo community

This is one of the few “product support forums” or “communities” I’ve seen where you go in and don’t hear an empty echo and feel like calling out “hello, is there anyone in here?”.

Too many of the other places give you a really warm/fuzzy when you visit and see the “last post October 2013” and it’s January 2015

More positive is that it’s not all “trash talk” and “woe is me, this thing is junk” like too many other places are. Most here is positive, and many posts are answered with some sort of resolution or at least explanation. 

I know a hospital is for the sick, you don’t see healthy people sitting around in ER just chatting, so you expect support forums to be loaded with people having problems, but this area indicates more hope and solution than death and destruction.

That’s a credit to the company, the support and the customers themselves.  
I doubt you’ll see Darwin award winners here. ;-) 
OK, I feel a bit goofy today.  

In all fairness, once Tablo matures and all the questions get answered (so that they are easy to find and lookup by new users)… it will probably get quieter here.  The good news (if you can call it that) is that there’s plenty of room to mature right now.  So… we have a very good platform and still it has room to expand and grow.

It’s funny, I participate less than I did back in the early days when I joined (April 2014), but there are still plenty of things to talk about and plenty of answers to give.  Other than a few missed recordings and a factory reset due to operator error I’ve never had anything but good things to say about the product.  It made cutting the cord painless for us.  I find I can contribute to a lot of threads just due to the sheer number of devices I have…  (it’s an addiction for which I have sought out no help…)

@jbanks25 I did a lot when I first joined also, I try to provide help if I can, but I have scaled back a bit too

@cjcox I agree with you, one of the things I see is that the speed of implementation of new features seems to be taking a lot longer than I first had expected. However, they are listening and will hopefully get the features going. A lot of the features they implemented are under the hood, which is great, but does not give us users anything to touch and feel :wink:

Imho tablo team works pretty fast

@cjcox, what have they done for me lately? lol

But seriously, from a user perspective what have they given us to use from our perspective? Let me give you an example, we have been asking for a way to delete multiple episodes for at least 6 months. Personally looking at it from a programming perspective, that should be a easy give. 
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the work they have done. But, like I said it has been under the covers like, delete recording when the drive gets full, don’t record dupes, extend live recordings (which at least I wanted control over how long), and fast start up…
All of those being great, but…  Would love for them to get things done that have been asked for many months and in my opinion should have been day 1 release…

But again, I am a Tablo supporter and believe, like you they are responsive, just not fast enough for my taste :wink:
I say this all coming from a developer perspective where I have had to deliver a lot of things in a short amount of time.

Yeah… I used to participate a lot more than I do now, too.

And I agree, I love the Tablo, but am slightly disappointed by the slowness of new additional features.

I am happy about the quickness of bug fixes, though.

I added this back in September 2014 and some were requested by me and others previously

However, the size of a post has been greatly diminished so I added as a web page herehttp://jettsoft.com/TabloRequests.htm

Yeah... I used to participate a lot more than I do now, too.

And I agree, I love the Tablo, but am slightly disappointed by the slowness of new additional features.

I am happy about the quickness of bug fixes, though.


If you look at the list I posted you will see very few items have been done. Now the next question is, how many of those does Tablo even intend to do? Since they refuse to post a roadmap or tell us all the features they are working on it is hard to know.

Again, I am a Tablo supporter, but the lack of knowing makes me worried.

I’m only a month into owning a 4-tuner, so I’ve been coming here to research some questions I had and to see what’s new, and I have to say, overall the mood & attitude of this forum is overwhelmingly positive, which I think is a good sign of how good the product is, even with areas that still need improvement.  I give Tablo high marks for their responses and general responsiveness in this forum (have a Simple.TV as well, and by comparison, well, there really is no comparision!).

My main DVR is SageTV, but I’ve been on the hunt for its eventual replacement (it is totally unsupported since purchased by Google).  Tablo seems like it might work to that end, once the Roku app is modernized and they add FF/RW preview tiles.  I realize there are other UI additions that will be nice to have, but I’m pretty happy with how well it works now, and it has been completely stable for me.  I will miss ComSkip however, in case Tablo is reading this!!
 I will miss ComSkip however, in case Tablo is reading this!!

We read everything! 

And we have looked at a few commercial skipping options but none have panned out yet. We’re still looking for something that will work well for our use case so don’t give up :slight_smile:

And I know you guys would LOVE a published roadmap but honestly it’s a tough request to honor. We have a huge list of requests that we have to prioritize based on resources, time, effort and cost. In order to stay agile and be able to innovate we may need to re-prioritize things as we go. Plus, that would also give our competitors a heads up on what we have up our sleeve. If they’re smart, they’re reading all of the stuff we already tell you guys!

Hi competitors! 

I just want to say that I love the Tablo community here.  It’s pretty cool being at the beginning of something new and sharing those experiences with the others here.   I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise that many of the longtime contributors here work in IT. (I think we love products like this that we can tinker with).

The Tablo folks do a great job of responding to questions and comments as well.  It’s pretty impressive how a device like this has national (I suppose international) attention in such a short timespan.  

I love the Tablo community here too.  I think its hilarious that we all know that eachother works in IT.  You’d think we’d get sick of thinking about IT stuff all day.  Guess thats why we made a career out of it!

Oddly, I don’t work in IT (just a raging gadget addiction).  Perhaps I should though…  Anyone hiring?  :)

I love the Tablo community here too.  I think its hilarious that we all know that eachother works in IT.  You'd think we'd get sick of thinking about IT stuff all day.  Guess thats why we made a career out of it!

Here’s a major contradiction for you, an oxymoron if you will - I am extreme ADHD and hate change, but work in IT because I like fast pace and something different every day. Anyone who can figure THAT out gets 10 Tablo community points to spend as you see fit. 

While I am aching for a road map, I understand their point and being small, it’s hard to have a really long term plan in place and keep to it while filling all the smaller although big requests for “stuff”. I can see both sides, I guess. I want that roadmap as bad as anyone as where I jumped in it would sure help me make some decisions, on the other hand, I see their point and also want to see them blow away competition. 
Here’s another contradiction - I don’t believe they HAVE any competition. They aren’t in the same class as other devices or systems.
Over a year ago we were having trouble finding DRV-RW disks and were getting tired of sorting through piles of disks, loading each one and looking for specific shows or episodes and so on - and the fact that you must watch ALL recorded programs on a DVD before you can clear it off to make room for others. You can’t watch or delete ONE show, you have to format the disk and record over it again. Real convenient. Finding “DVRs” (digital video recorders) was impossible a year ago. Almost all of them required you subscribe to a service then you “got a DVR” in the bundle while paying a hefty monthly fee. Those that did exist, Magnavox and some others, I found were going out of production. I searched relentlessly for weeks, tried Amazon, eBay, Google searches and so on, nothing very good, they all had their hitches or else required a subscription to some satellite service or worse. Apparently due to the advent of Internet content, mobile devices, cable and satellite with their “Free” DVRs, the 2 or 3 companies that made such devices were stopping production, poor sales is what one such company told me directly “not worth it, no one buying”. I kept searching every few months and then suddenly I see a couple of companies making them again (or selling old stock!) and then I found Tablo - it was a dream come true for me as it’s almost exactly what I wanted (except for the trouble we’re going to have WATCHING recorded content due to not being Apple fiends)
I loved being able to choose my drive and drive size, appreciated that although it’s a bit of a hassle, it’s less hassle than moving a DVD recorder or VCR to another TV set to watch something, less hassle than the stacks of over 100 DVDs and several dozen OLD video tapes we have. I mean with 3 TVs, I don’t have to have 3 recorders or players or have to unplug and disconnect it from here and move it to there. If the drive goes bad I don’t have to box up and ship back a unit just to get a new drive installed. I grab another off my shelf and we move on. And when we are gone and there are TWO shows we’re gonna miss, no we aren’t, I’ll record 'em both while we’re away. 
There is simply no comparison, nothing even close to this IMO. And SPACE SAVING. Even our DVD recorder takes more space than this. And I can put it any place in the house. Right now it’s sitting on a shelf on the bottom part of an end table. No need to touch or see it unless you can’t communicate with it, then you look for the blue LED. Their support blows away support of most other companies in the video recording business. 
Yeah, I’m frustrated about a couple of things and one of them is still in flux, but I haven’t given up and seeing how fast these people move, I’m going to keep this device and see how things go, I’ve still got 3 weeks to decide if I can make some device work as a go-between so we can WATCH recorded shows without having to pull out my Toshiba notebook and having to not use it while one of us watches a recorded show. (anyone got an old but not TOO old Android 4.1xx based device for sale cheap that could serve as a remote control and streaming go-between for us?)
(Personally I want a Google Nexus tablet but can’t afford the new ones and don’t want a really old one either. Maybe we can still get the Kindle fire to work but I do need a tablet for myself for my car shows and trips…)

Anyway, sort of funny, I got into IT when my now ex-B-I-L saw how quickly I picked up computers and such in the mid-1980s. I was doing better than the comp-sci grads he was hiring as I picked it up naturally. I’m a trained auto tech, degree and awards and all but life changes got me going a different direction when I needed a job and I walked right into IT and have been constantly moving up ever since, jumping 2 levels at one point, and now the de facto network administrator because I solved a few unsolvable issues and got a VPN gateway to work here where others said it wasn’t possible. 
I hate change and have troubles paying attention but I guess other things make up for that as I’m, according to several folks, one of them a high school teacher, another a college professor, a natural born troubleshooter. 
So getting Tablo to work is fun and fits right in with what I’ve been doing since the mid-80s. I’ve focused mostly on security but the networking part is actually sort of fun. 
I’ve been asked - you work with xxxxxx all day, don’t you get sick of it? And you have how many computers at home? (5 or 6 if you count the older notebook in my shop I’m going to convert to Ubuntu for email and web use out there)
Oh, and I run a popular auto forum in my spare time, too - forum administrator, etc. with about 10,000 members and helped beta test a major web site for a celebrity who has a support site up in Canada. Anyone heard of Rick Green, Big Brain Productions, eh?

@jbanks25 I am as a matter of fact!

I’m not in IT either. Just an engineer who loves gadgets.

For someone with ADHD, you sure do write long posts.  Not an indictment, just an observation.


Understood - but it’s also a symptom in some types.   :wink:

(I’ll try to do some editing in the future)