NY/NJ area 9.4 black screen

HANDITV 9.4 NY/NJ area tunes to black screen. All other channels normal.

Did a rescan and same thing. Guide updates normal and Tablo records black screen. Hours of black screen since Sunday 1/27/19

Is this repack related or something different? Kinda miss Star Trek programming….

What’s the call sign of the station? Perhaps the tower is down for repairs.

I’m trying to figure that out. It appears related to WWOR 9.1 but wikipedia describes it:

RF channel shared with WRNN-TV
Fox (SD simulcast with WNYW) on 9.2, Buzzr on 9.3, Heroes & Icons on 9.4

And it appears to broadcast a carrier signal but simply no A/V intelligence

Hrm… Did you hit ‘add to guide’ after your channel scan?

If not, give that a try.

If you did, it might be time to give them a ring or send them a message. Usually local channels will put a message on their social media pages about tower maintenance, but I don’t see anything.

Yes I did add to guide after scans.

9.1, 9.2, 9.3 seem fine but 9.4 no A/V

I dunno which broadcaster to contact tbh? WWOR, HANDITV, etc.

That’s why posted here to see if any other NY/NJ folks experiencing this…

WWOR is 9.4 in NY and is streaming live on their webpage. So there must be some other issue. Can you see it with an antenna directly on you TV bypassing Tablo?

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I would need to drag TV up to attic for antenna connection. Which I might do if all else fails.

Thanks for advice

Rescanned Tablo again and the only working WWOR channel is 9.1

9.2, 9.3, 9.4 now all black.

Fairly certain when all of this started 9.2, 9.3 were working.

Perhaps moving them around?

TV to attic and scanned same problem(s) and apparently 5.2 MOVIES! as well.

Probably a “room full of lawyers” thing or maybe it’s just FOX?

Too bad, I kinda enjoyed those channels…

Give it another try tomorrow. They may be doing maintenance and just haven’t told anyone :expressionless:

Will do. Trying since Sunday though so won’t hold my breath…

If that is the case, I’m sure the cold weather and snow isn’t helping!

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Not to nitpick but NYC area is currently above freezing and snow hasn’t entered into the picture yet for many days.

And I think WWOR repack move happened last year.

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Station: WWOR-TV - My Network TV 9
Market: New York, NY
Rescan Day: March 5, 2018

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tl; dr. me too.

wwor, “my 9”, owned by fox, broadcasts on uhf channel 25, subchannels 9.3 (buzzr) and 9.4(h&i) are just showing black screens for me, too.

the other subchannels on 25 include 48.1 wrnn, 48.2 stadium, and 48.3 arirang. these are guest hosted, have been since they switched to channel 25. those 3 subchannels ARE working…

do be aware that 9.2, the simulcast of my9, is actually a subchannel on uhf 44, wnyw (fox). before they moved to 25, 9 used to host 5.something, as a simulcast of 44. since, they picked up wrnn…

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As of 8pm 1/29/19 9.4 is back ON…