Nvidia Shield works so well with Tablo

Disappointed with the performance using 2 different Fire TV stick, a Basic and an Alexa enabled one, and looking for a better solution for my setup I bought an Nvidia Shield, discounted on Amazon.

I installed the Tablo app and BOOM, night and day. Everything is snappy and great.

Also includes Chromecast, Plex and Amazon video and many more. I am in heaven. Super. Super fast.

No going back now. Highly recommend for a great Tablo experience.

I just got a Shield as well. So far the only major gripe about the system is the remote control. Luckily, I noticed reviews stating people not liking the remote and bought a Harmony Hub as well. I enjoy the Harmony Hub, but the wife likes using the Shield remote for some reason (even though I have to correct her mistakes with the volume slider constantly.)

I have the Harmony Remote. Works well and it controls everything.

Ya I switched back to a Fire TV mostly because of the Shield remote. It was just going to sleep too much and creating a lot of delays when trying to skip commercials or speed watch a football game.

Why not use both… I’ve learned not to argue with the wife…
I have a sound bar, so the Harmony Remote works great. I disabled the sound slider because of that. I also have it linked to Google Home so I can use voice to turn it on and off. Turn on Shield. Boom.

Wait, this is an option?