You got a Shield? I believe if you configure a button on the Harmony remote to replicate the right trigger on the Shield controller, it will be a 30 second fast forward. I’m not sure if that’s an option.

Yes, I ended up getting the Shield and it is amazing. Thanks for the heads up on the controller. I think I need to just sit and write out what each button does. Do you know if there is a guide that shows the buttons for the nvidia controller in the tablo app?

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Yes, there is. Go to the Tablo app, then go to the side main menu, and hit “Help”. I was blown away when I found this after a couple of weeks.

I heart you :smile:
Thanks a ton.

Set it up at lunch and it works great. I even set up different skip aheads with the fast forward and okay sequence to let it play again. Now if only I had a button mapped to Live TV, Recorded TV, etc.

That would be awesome! I think you can map out chained button presses, but I haven’t ever bothered to go into that much detail other than starting and stopping activities (turning off and on all devices and setting to correct inputs).