Number of channels to add to your guide

What’s the drawback to adding ALL of your off-air channels to the guide? The recommendation by the app was to only add a few. Why?

@MichaelB - Do you mean the channels that aren’t receiving a good signal? If you add those, you may be disappointed when recordings fail due to lack of signal. 

Ah, that’s probably what it was. You really should add all of the channels you can receive so that you have more show options. Thanks!

I noticed the app only suggested the main channels and not the sub channels.  For example, it had 7-1 and to get 7-2. I had to check it manually.  Both had 5 green signals. 7-1 is FOX and 7-2 is Movies!  I did NOT add all the channels, and in fact unchecked some the app had checked.  Since I don’t understand Spanish, I don’t have any Spanish TV stations in the guide. The fewer channels you have, the faster the guide updates.  There is also a shopping channel, which I unchecked.