Now that my subscription has ended

My subscription ended today a couple of hours ago. When I open tablo, I get the warning your subscription has ended, subscribe today bla bla bla… In settings it says guide data and cloud dvr subscription has expired. All expected. However Prime time, Tv shows Movies and Sports is still there. I can use it all as before and record series from there. I can go also to the TV grid and still record episodes with all of the options I had before. I thought all of that would go away. What am I missing. I will tell you I have never tied this tablo to an account not do I feel I really need to as I don’t plan to subscribe. So whats the deal? I’m not complaining. With these featured all go away soon?

Why not go to the settings page and perform a manual guide update and see if anything changes.

Just did it. All the same. Still getting 14 days if guide data.

I’m guessing it’s giving you extra time to subscribe so you don’t lose your recordings in the cloud.

Suppose tomorrow it’ll be 13 days, then only 12 days… Maybe since it’s already got the data - it’s there for now.
Maybe, I’m just tossing out logical theories :slight_smile:

On further review it seems only my DVR cloud trial has expired. When I go to the subscribe button. It shows “your subscription”. Guide data has a white check mark stating 14 days of guide data and Cloud DVR shows expired. Nothing about how long till guide data expires.


For anyone that cares, it’s now showing 14 day guide data and cloud DVR expired. Prime time, TV shows etc greyed out. How long is the cloud DVR expired nag screen going to be there? Hopefully it goes away soon.

One thing I appreciate is the ability to click on a show on the guide and it let’s you make manual recordings for that time slot. Very nice. Even names the show for you. Kudos