Notification of disconnected hard drive

In addition to notification of failed recordings, you should have a notification that the hard drive is not showing to Tablo as connected. I went on a brief trip and missed three days of recordings. A simple restart fixed the issue. I could have called my wife and asked her to restart, but I didn’t know there was a problem. I’d say this would prevent more failed recording problems than the notification of failed recordings issue itself - particularly if the Tablo could detect a hard drive issue prior to recording. – so I’d make this a high priority over your other features. Many of your poor ratings have to do with issues like this, and it’s justified when a fix is pretty simple. You’ll have some issues with an early generation product, but doing things like this eases any pain.

Great product, BTW.

A disconnected HDD issue is generally due to the HDD going into sleep mode.

  1. What is the make and model of your HDD?
  2. You can usually turn off sleep mode on the HDD by plugging it into a computer and using the manufacturer’s utility.