Nothing works right

I have loaded app on3 android tablets and 2 keep syncing all the time.The other was able to record 1 out of 3 tries, but now cannot play back. Now when I try to record, nothing will record. I have been having problems since I got this on Thursday. Have called twice, starting Thursday, no one has got back to me. I also had another report about syncing, and got one question back. I answered it and then did not get any more replies. I had so many problems loading these3 tablets, I am afraid to reload the one that is not syncing all the time. What to do next?

Tablo broke the android app with the latest update. They know about it, but they are very slow fixing things. There are only a few people in that company, so it’s hard to see issues fixed in any close to a timely fashion. I’m afraid it is only going to get worse as more sales happen if the company cannot grow in manpower.




I’m sorry to hear that.

Not sure what part of the app is broken that marjamar is referring to, he is very knowledgable, I follow his postings about the Tablo Ripper program.

The Tablo app version 1.0.21 on my Samsung 7 Inch Tablet Model SM-T310, android ver 4.4.2 is working ok.

I can play my recordings back including closed captions.

I’m sure support will get back to you Monday.

Probably best to open a ticket with support, sending them your log in the meantime.


Tablo is always crashing in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Before the last tablo update I can’t ever remember it crashing.

Do open a ticket.


The Tablo app on my Galaxy S5 Android 5,0 works,
html app = 1.0.21-545/3000238
Tablo device = 2.2.5

I have T-Mobile. I had problems with Tablo when I was on Sprint.

My tablet is mounted in my company truck and it is on a Sprint mobile hotspot mounted in the truck as well. I should connect to the shops comcast wifi to see if there is a difference.


Thought I would let others know about Sprint issues. I solved mine, and I hope when you connect to a different WiFi that it solves yours. Also remember that the device needs to have been paired.

You might try going to Starbucks or someplace. I say Starbucks because Taco Cabana my Tablo app didn’t work (ports were blocked - I didn’t ask) and it did work at Starbucks (who use Googlefiber in Austin)

Thank you.
It is pretty sad that they could not have told me this in the four days I have been trying. I have called them 2 times with messages starting Thursday.

Is there any way to get the older version that works?

How is it that they can answer some of the other people all weekend long, but can’t say anything to my postings?

I would disagree with the thread title “Nothing Works Right” but my personal experience has been that many Tablo functions work very unreliably, sometimes working reasonably well but often poorly.

As of this evening I have an iPhone app which will not connect at all (WiFi and off premises), 6 Rokus which crash (only) on Tablo all the time, icons for non-existant shows, failed recordings, etc.

The inevitable result of very poorly managed software development on too many platforms with too much emphasis on adding features and far too little on getting basic functions rock solid.


This thing is a prairie fire. A grease fire… one of those burning slurries that gets going outside a power plant and cannot be put out. There is no chance it will ever work. I am about to give up and just get a TiVo.

The existing programs all need to be fixed and made equal prior to more features being added. What the other problem is is that the client companies could upgrade the software. For example, Roku releases a new version of the software. Meanwhile, the program to watch Tablo has been tested in house, and then beta tested. it is released and the Roku software releases the same day or the next. So the program would not have been tested with the new Roku software. That is one of the problems depending on other products to watch. And then there are lots of different versions of Rokus. My Roku 2700x for example does not work with the Tablo Preview channel, but it does work with the Tablo Preview Beta.

What responses did they do during the weekend? Tablo support is only Monday - Friday. Some of the existing USERS answer some of the questions here if they know the answer or have an idea of what might work. They need to hire additional people for tech support so they have enough people to be open later and on Saturdays at least four hours.

codeslubber - If you are ready to pull the plug on your Tablo, I would be interested in purchasing your unit. Do you have a two or four tuner model?

@Norm - We’ve got your message & ticket and will get you patched up shortly.

Your too late. I just sent it back. It is too bad you don’t do what you say you will do. I would of liked it to work, but if there is no back up on the product it is no good to me. By looking at the forums, you people should not of went live with this product. Just maybe in the future, if you get your stuff together, I might try again.

Tablo has worked error free for me for 17 months. So chill.

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2 tuner

My 4 tuner has really improved since I got it. It still doesn’t do everything but they are working on it.