Nothing will record since the middle of Sept

I’ve been gone since the middle of Sept so I am just now noticing this problem.

Nothing will start recording. I’ve been using this device for years. When I go to live TV shows will look like they should be recording with triangle in the corner of a show sheduled, but the channel number is not red.

I’ve deleted that app, cleared the cache, cancelled the records and remarked them to record. Nothing is working.

Everything looks normal. Just that when it comes time for something to record it won’t start. Shows are earmaked to record with the triangle in the corner but then won’t record. I thought it had something to do with needing to rescan the channels which I did but it’s not helping either.

It just won’t record…What is wrong?

Go to settings and refresh your guide data subscription, then remove the schedule and reschedule the programs or simply toggle between All/New and then toggle back again.

Reboot your router, then reboot your Tablo. Check your subscription.

I noticed the same thing here on a 4-tuner. Last new recording was on Sep 11. The guide data said it was updated. I rebooted the tablo a week or so ago and recordings resumed. I put it off as a one off. But now???

There use to be a time when the tablo time/clock would be set to a clients time when the client performed a channel scan and update. So if the client had some bogus time it got passed to the tablo.

NTP is called when the tablo is booted.

I got it to work. Did 2 things. Don’t know which fixed it but it is working.

  1. Went into setup and next to where you subscribe for listings clicked on Refresh.
  2. Unplugged the tablo power, waited a few seconds and plugged it back in.

I had already unloaded and reloaded the app, cancelled and rescheduled all my tv shows.
It does seem the first 2 things are what got it working again.