Nothing will play after update


Nothing will play after update. Live or recorded. On any device. Done all of the basics. Reboot, uninstall.
Worked normally before update.

Video player comes up and is just a black screen.

Everything else seems to work, yet NOTHING will play!!!


What is the player device: Roku, Fire TV, web browser, …?
Is the Tablo blue LED blinking, or is it solid?
The more specifics you give, the more we can help.


After EVERY Tablo update shut off all of the following devices. Router. Roku. Tablo. I restart them in this order. Router. Roku. Tablo.

Since I have been following this process no issues after any update.


Are you still having the same issue? I suggest rebooting the Tablo, but if that doesn’t do the trick, give our support team a shout and we can take a look.