Nothing but error:weak signal now?

Came home today to find all of my channels not working on my quad tuner tablo. It has been acting flacky the last couple of days but a reboot got it back. Today nothing helps. It just completed the update to 2.28 so I thought that would fix it…no luck. After multiple reboots I continually get weak signal. I rescanned the channels and all of the scan good.

Any suggestions?

Let’s ask Hillary…

Hillary: “A scan isn’t always truthful. Multipath can present an antenna with varying strong and weak signals. A device can detect a strong signal one moment then dip the next. Thanks Huma.”

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Well, I finally did a hard reset and it seems fine. It sure seems I have had my fair share of problems lately with it though. Had to get up quite a few times and power cycle it over the past few weeks. Maybe the hard reset will take care of it. That is the first time I have had to to that.

Bill (any relation?). I don’t know of anything other than antenna system issues that could cause weak signals. I’d re check all cable connections and any other ancillary hardware for starters.
I had a similar experience only to discover that my outdoor antenna had been blown 45 degrees off course by high winds.

Yep, that fixed everything for me too. I’m going to wait a bit longer though while ya’ll test 2.2.8 for me before I upgrade - still working fine on 2.2.2. Now if they’d just figure out what broke the Android app for mobile streaming…

The antenna was my first guess but why would Tablo find every channel and at the highest signal strength? I would think that would rule out my antenna.

When I reset it by holding the button in for 30 seconds it required me to go through the initial out of box setup but it was still at 2.28 firmware. I assumed after the hard factory reset it would take it back down to an earlier firmware version. It was still working this morning when I left so fingers crossed. …

You may have seen my post from Sunday where a similar incident occurred for me after upgrading to 2.2.8, but with only 1 channel. It cleared itself up later in the day and has been fine since, knock on wood.

I also have been experiencing the same problem last night. This has occurred right after the update. Hope it is not related. Not had a problem with “error no tuner” or “error weak signal” before. How do you do a reset? Thanks.

Hold the button in on the back for about 30 seconds. Then go to the web app and reset it up like you did when you first got it…will be heading home in a few so I hope it’s still up.

@reddace - Note you will lose all of your recordings and schedules as that does a full factory reset. I would probably opt to touch base with support before going to that drastic measure:

I must have not done a full reset. I did not lose any recordings. I was greeted with the Welcome to Tablo first setup screen and had to rescan channels though so I assumed it was a factory reset.

I think I read somewhere on the Tablo site that if you momentarly press the reset button, it will not do a full factory reset. Just a refresh. Am I correct on this?

That is correct. A quick press & release of the blue button is a regular reset. You won’t lose anything, Tablo will just reboot itself.