Notes on Remote Access with Tablo Quad

I have been using my Tablo Quad with remote access for several months now so I thought some observations might be of help to others that may want to do this.

If I’m not mistaken, Tablo does not recommend remotely accessing the device with a hotspot. However, I am using a MiFi8000 hotspot from Sprint/T-Mobile for my internet connection. In some locations, I have seen speeds of over 100 Mbps but with the remote streaming quality of the Tablo set to 1Mbps, it works well even if the download speed is as low as 2 Mbps.

I do have VPN capability so I can re-pair the Tablo to the receiving device if necessary but so far, this has not ever been necessary. I access the Tablo with a 4K Firestick, a Windoze 10 laptop using Chrome or the new Tablo Windoze 10 app and a Samsung phone with the Tablo app. All work well.

One interesting observation is that virtually EVERY time I finish watching one recording and start another using the Firestick, the Tablo will display “An Unknown Error Occurred” and below that, “retry playback” or “cancel”. If I back all the way out of Tablo and go into the Firestick “Applications” section, then to “Manage Installed Applications” then to “Tablo” then “Force Stop” and then “Launch Application”, Tablo will again restart and I can select the next recording and it will play just fine. I have not observed this on viewers other than the Firestick since that’s what I typically use and I don’t know if the issue is related to the MiFi8000, the Tablo or the Firestick. I suspect the Firestick app but I have no way of proving it.

Another very interesting observation that I doubt is related to the remote access but it’s real none-the-less, is that after a couple of months of remote access, I noticed I was having a LOT of recordings that failed for low signal. Normally, I might see one or two a week (I record a lot of shows) but it had gotten to 5-8 failed recordings a day. I decided to rescan the channels and the Tablo repeatedly stated there were no channels available. I normally have over 100 channels at my location, about 50 miles from the tower array in Houston, TX. I wondered if I had an antenna problem but since I have a Kasa switch on the Tablo (and the hard drive), I decided to take a chance and reboot the system. After the reboot, the missed recordings problem COMPLETELY went away (for over a week now) and a channel scan now completes with over 100 channels found. Obviously something happened to the Tablo but a reboot completely fixed it. This makes me wonder if a periodic reboot might be a good idea as has been suggested on this forum before.

I hope this helps others that might want to use their Tablo remotely. Other than the issues mentioned above, Tablo has worked very well with remote access.