Not working on iPad Air

I have an iPad 2 which Tablo works well on.  My wife has an iPad Air, and Tablo has never worked well on.  It has bee a source of great frustration between us.  I like the product but she “hates” the Tablo because of it’s unreliability on her iPad Air.  This morning, she is trying to watch TV during her workout and, of course, the channel tries to load and just spins and spins.  On my iPad 2, the channels come up just fine. 

Details, we have a 2 tuner Tablo.  The wifi signal is very strong. I can place her iPad Air next to the router, and still no tv.  In the morning I record a CBS show and she watches NBC.  The reception signals on both of these channels are full green.  On my iPad 2, no problems, I can watch both channels.  On her iPad Air, just spinning.  She has a 64GB, with cellular data (which I have tried turning off to no effect).

Please help, I would really like to get this figured out as I am getting tired of trying to defend a product that is not working for her.

Thanks, cr

I have an iPad Air where the Tablo app works great. I have had the dual tuner Tablo since May 2014 so even the early versions of the app worked well. It’s actually the interface I prefer the most over the computer, Android tablet, Nexus 5 and iPhone 6.

  1. Can you please provide the exact model number of the iPad Air? (Check under About under General in Settings on the iPad)

  2. Which version of iOS are you running on said iPad Air?

  3. Which version of the Tablo app are you running? (Check under Settings in the app)

  4. Please delete the Tablo app on her iPad Air, then power cycle it. Then reinstall the app from the App Store and connect and let it sync.

@craymon I’m fairly certain you sent us a note - and we likely replied with something similar to the above by @theuser86. Get back to us when you can!

Thanks for the reply. My wife will be back later this week with her iPad and I will try the suggestions.