Not Recording as its supposed to

I have a lot of programs i have selected for recording and it seems nothing is recording? I mean nothing…I selected it via my Web browser…made sure it shows up in the schedule list and nothing. I have double checked to verify its “Scheduled” and still nothing. I selected a random program to record and waited…nothing recorded. It seems it just stopped after the latest update. Can someone help me? Thanks

A few things to look for.

  1. Are these prime time shows that are set to record new? Since the new fall season is about to start, there hasn’t been anything to record lately.

  2. If these are normal weekly shows (news, sports, game shows, etc), then I would just reboot your Tablo and your router. Then try to record a show and see if it is working.

  3. If rebooting doesn’t help, then you may have a hard drive or Tablo issue. I would submit a ticket to support to have them look at it.

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