Not getting any prompt for update when connecting to


I haven’t used the device for a few years. Today when I connected to the Tablo using Chrome, got message “This app requires your Tablo to be running firmware 2.2.18 or higher . To update your Tablo, visit and follow prompts”. But when I connect to it, I got exactly same page, without any prompts or links for update.

Thank you.

If the Tablo has been offline for a long time, you might need to wait a while for the servers to tell your unit that an upgrade is waiting. Hopefully it can handle a bunch of missed updates.

Thank you very much. Hopefully the device will receive update notice like you said.

If you haven’t already, send our support team a ticket and we can work with you to get things updated.

I’m having the exact same issue - I just connected my Tablo for the first time in two years. How did you resolve this?

Give us a ring or drop us a note. You’re likely running firmware that’s too old to do a self update but we’ll get you back up & running:

I submitted a support ticket. I did find out that the Tablo app on my Samsung TV allowed me to update the Tablo to version 2.2.16, and it appears to work correctly on that app. However, the iPhone and iPad app still tell me to update to version 2.2.18 and directs me to, and the browser still keeps reloading with the same message.

Indeed… That’s because our current firmware is at 2.2.28 so as mentioned you’re well behind and we’ll need to poke at your Tablo from our end to get you past that point.

The team will be in touch with you soon to get that going.

Reconnecting to the app on my Samsung TV today prompted an update to 2.2.28, and now it works on my iPad, so everything is apparently good now.

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