Not all streaming devices find Tablo

I have nine streaming devices and the Tablo (fourth generation) is recognized on seven of them.
In my home office I have two devices (Chromecast with Google TV, Roku Ultra) connected to an ethernet switch. The others in the house are as well. However, these two devices aren’t being detected.

Anyone run into anything similar?

Do you have a different subnet in your home office? All the devices have to be on the same subnet.

I did not set one up, but logically speaking it makes sense that is the case.

One thing to try is to disconnect those two devices from the switch and see if they connect through wi-fi.

I have a single switch in my home that my router connects to so that many of my rooms have ethernet. I admit I don’t have a switch in any single room, so I use only one ethernet connected device and then wi-fi for any other.

Sometimes rebooting the router also helps identify clients trying to connect to Tablos.

The roku network setting tells what IP the roku is using and any device where the tablo app connects has the tablo unit IP in the app setting. So unless you have 2 subnets using the same address range, ot’s pretty easy to check. Often it’s some router feature blocking devices from accessing devices on the local net.

Kind of strange that three other Apple TVs, two other Chromecasts and two other Roku Ultras are working with no problem.

I checked my router and none of those devices are listed individually. The ones that I am having issues are, so what you say makes sense.

Are you sure you have a 4th gen Tablo that is recognized by your AppleTV device? That app isn’t available for the white Tablo yet.

Maybe you meant a different STB or an older Tablo?

You’re right. That was my mistake. Sometimes difficult to keep them straight. My other two Chromecasts and other two Roku Ultras.

If you try switching them over to WiFi instead, does it change anything?

Just tested via WiFi…yup…they work now.

At least that’s something until you get the other figured out!

IDK your network, but it sounds like they’re separated somehow, we just gotta figure out how and why!

Thanks for the suggestion. The good thig is I only use the setup for backup during football season and DVR, so I can switch back and forth.

I’m glad I could help!