Not all Powerline adapters are equal

Hello everyone,

I am a new Tablo user and after a couple of weeks of trial and error I finally have it running smoothly. Since cutting Derelict TV we have not missed paying $115 a month for the four channels we watch…and the 10 home shopping network channels we don’t watch X(

Anyway, I was stumped as to why I had bad live TV performance from my powerline adapters. I did a little homework and it turned out my adapters were only 85 Mbps. Now I don’t know much about networking, I figured that 85 Mbps would be just fine since my ISP is giving me 50 Mbps, but guess again, Batman…

So I purchased TP-Link AV500 Nano Powerline adapters from Amazon, rated at 500 Mbps, and lo and behold, flawless performance. The wife abides. Maybe the 200 Mbps ones would have sufficed, but hey, the Tablo’s finally working as advertised.

So, as a PSA to new cord cutters, if you’re going wired via powerline, faster IS better. Stay away from those old 85Mbps ones; it almost meant the end to my Tablo experience and a return to satellite (yuck)

Agreed! Bit the bullet and made a painful and difficult install of Cat5. Gigabit connected house now, so much better than dealing with adapter lockups every 3 to 6 months.

The wife abides. 


Glad you got it sorted out @Barbz

I have the same brand, 200 Mbps. Seems to be working OK, but my Roku 3 has lost the network a couple of times. Not sure if that’s related to the adapters or to a spotty router signal.