Not all channels are displayed on the Guide

I received my TabloTV today and so far I'm loving it, very impressed with the video quality and feature set, however I have noticed that when I watch on my computer or my Tablet my LiveTV channel guide shows a lot more channels than those that show up on the Roku LiveTV guide, in fact I was impressed with all the amount of channels this thing can pick up, I think it picks up more channels than my Samsung TV.

Any ideas why this might be happening? I have power cycled both the Tablo and the Roku, but with no success, I have ensured that on Settings I have listed selected all the channels, however I still experience this issue.

Any ideas? 

If you are missing guide data, the channel doesn’t show up in your Roku.  On the webapp or tablet, it will however.  Contact support with your postal code and which channels you are missing channel data from.

Thanks, I appreciate your help, will do that.