Not able to record 4 channels simultaneously

I’ve got a 4 tuner tablo that’s hardwired over Ethernet cable to my Fios G1100 router pushing signals over WiFi to my phones, tablets and Fire Sticks.

It seems while recording 3 channels, I attempted to tune into another LIVE channel but got the No Tuner Available message.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Sadly, Tablo’s documentation and FAQs and Blogs are mixture of new and old (outdated) information.

See if this helps:

Check if you’re recording at 10GBps. I believe there’s something about 720p 60fps that ties up two tuners. I’m perhaps not crystal clear on this, but I’m fairly sure I’m in the ballpark. As another hint, Fox broadcasts sports at 720/60 I believe.

Did a recording recently finish? Tablo plays what you record to add thumbnail pics. Not sure if this uses 1 or 2 tuners. @TabloTV?

@Bardel is right, recording at HD 1080 - 10 Mbps, 720@60fps utilizes 2 tuners for each channel being broadcasted at 720p, if extra tuners are available.

Thank you.

That was the exact explanation I needed. Not the answer I would’ve liked but it does explain what I’m experiencing.

Guess we’ll need to wait for the 6 or 8 channel Tablo before being able record/stream 4 channels at full quality! :wink:

I wonder how many fewer channels we’ll be able to record once 4K becomes the broadcast standard.

Well, as I mentioned, some of that info changed over time. Which is to say, the quality options available changed over time. Which is to say, they pushed what they made pretty far. But maybe too far in some cases. With that said, I use the recommended settings, so 720p for me (w/o the 60fps). And I’m happy.

But I date back to U-verse TV (IPTV essentially) and before that, Time Warner and Comcast cable. All very compressed, HD always cost extra and was not that great. U-verse, due to its nature, brought more options/features, but arguably with more artifacts. I cut the cord and moved to Aereo, which was similar in quality to what Tablo does… so the move to Tablo made good sense for me.

And 2 years ago, I think all that was actually “fine” and pretty much accepted. But now everyone wants 2323423.234 surround sound etc and 34534534K resolution for their 5234ft TV. Sigh. Things change. And of course, they don’t want to pay for that (honestly, they only want to pay $10 forever). So we buy Tablo and gripe, then we buy Shield (and not gripe even though it has a slew of problems). None of these deliver perfection. And then we watch it all on our phone where we can’t tell the difference between SD and HD much less 4K with smell-o-vision. :slight_smile:

In short, it doesn’t matter, whatever comes out will never be good enough. I’m just commenting in general about my history and why I chose Tablo, which I’m quite content with. But I’m always thinking about ways to make others more content.

Oh, and about your last statement… with the new ATSC 3.0 standard, we all have to buy new tuners (no matter what they’re in or where they are located).


Ah, the classic consumer desire for Cadillac service with discount prices.

As much as I enjoy my current version of Tablo, it’s my expectation they will or already working on an updated version to meet current and future technological demands. And just out of electronic component availability/obsolescence, I imagine they’ve already gone through several iterations of their motherboard.

It’s amazing to me how some people happily enjoy their Tablo without the expectation it may run into technical difficulties at times.

In the past, they’d just turn in their equipment and the cable company would give them a new or refurbished unit. They also included a roughly $200/month price tag for that service!

Yeah, no. I don’t miss those cable bills and much rather put in my own time to trouble shoot equipment I own.

Like most companies, they’re very dependent on the SoC choice they use. Trying to do it any other way would greatly raise the price of the unit. So with regards to many features, you’re limited by what “the chip” provides.