Not able to get the app working on my Roku XD/S model 2100X

I have been able to get the app installed and my recordings work great on my window 8 table using chrome, Ipad works great, also works great from my Chromebook.  

The current issue I am having with my Roku XD/S model 2100x is that when I start the app I do not get the option to select my Tablo it goes straight to the menu and when I select anything in the menu the app exits and goes back to the icon for the app in the Roku menu.  Everything is ethernet connected.  Hum…

I have deleted the app from my Roku to see if it did not install correctly and am waiting for the app to reinstall.

Any thoughts form the Ruku users?

I have seen the same issue with that model. I am guessing it is not tested and supported on that old hardware. My suggestion remains to clarify what hardware is supported and also mark the app as not supported on that hardware in the Roku store so it is not available to confuse customers.

FWIW, it works fine on newer Rokus.

That makes sense what you are saying.  I will be sure to find out how to mark my model as not supported.

I am also having trouble getting my Chromecast to work as well with Tablo with Load Failed when it tries to cast the recording.  I can play my recordings on my Chromebook, Window 8 Tablet with Chrome and my IPAD.  Just can not seem to get it to play a recording on my TV.  Chromecast works great with Youtube and Netflix and webpages.  

Need to search around to see what is going on.

If you have Plex the XD/S can play back recorded programs.  It still can’t do live tv though.

@Ramseyerp @vgrund is correct here. We’ve tested and confirmed the latest generation of Rokus, including the Roku 2, 3 and the HDMI stick (though the WiFi antenna on it can be flaky) - for other models, we’re still trying to get of a hold of a few, but it can prove difficult with the older generations of the Roku.

We’re taking a deeper look into these compatibility issues now. We’ve been receiving a few mixed results with some of the same models of the Roku. Of course, this is always relevant to your setup: composite cables vs HDMI, network speed, Wifi vs Ethernet, etc. In the meantime, it may be worth checking out the Plex app. 

That solved my problem.  Plex on my Roku and works great.