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My first tablo arrived broken Dec. 2015. Had to wait till January to order replacement. Replacement went 1000 miles past my house, phone call again resulted in another unit sent out. Both units arrived same day in late January. Every phone call costs me $.65/min. I have shelled out $95.00 in phone bills In Six months. I have to call every month for issues with the tablo 4 and it Roku accompliment that treats Tablo like a stepchild in worst case scenario.

I am constantly infuriated by the POOR reception, collaboration, speed, user friendliness, reliability. It over heats, constant resetting of all related devices and more.

DVR’s have been around for almost 20 years, they should have this down to a fine science, not the piece of frustrating C— it is!

Toll free 844-822-5688
Which Roku do you have? The NP provides the best Tablo experience, but not available any more. Nvidea Shield is also a good choice. I also have a Roku 4 and it works ok until Roku update does something to cause problems to Tablo.

New AppleTV 4 and Tablo work well together. Faster, amazing video quality and better UI.

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From the Tablo “Contact Us” Page

Phone: 613-454-5675
Support: 613-454-5615
or 1-844-822-5688 (Toll free in the US & Canada )
Online Support Resources
Email: info @

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How is your reception on your tv if you just directly connect the antenna… if its poor or marginal dont expect the TABLO to magically make it all better… you need to address those issues first, better antenna/change location, use a preamp, perhaps new wiring if your existing coax lines are antique and have splitters all down the line, etc… Same also goes for your home networking/wifi situation, a 15 year old wifi router isn’t going to like trying to stream 720p or even 1080i content …

Give the TABLO support folks a call and they can help you thru it … I know the vast majority of users do not have the same problems you have so there is something not right, let them try to resolve or at least give you clarity as to what the issue(s) maybe.

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For your one issue related to reception if you are not experiencing strong enough signal with the indoor one NV20 Pro that Tablo offers on their site I’d recommend looking into buying an outdoor amplified HDTV (UHF/VHF) antenna. Outdoor antennas have less obstruction which can interfere with the TV signal and come in various designs. The Eaglestar Pro I use pulls in channels within 241 km or 150 miles.

@Lynnsnotes I use Winegard FL5500A which is designed for UHF and VHF.

Give us your zip code or check

@Lynnsnotes Please feel free to reach us at our toll free number (1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688) or to send our support team a ticket. We’d be happy to work with you and get things up and running.