No tuner available

Version 2.2.26 if it is recording 1 other channel it wont let me watch live tv and says no tuner available. Wish there was a way to see what the 2 tuners are doing cause all I see is one show being recorded. Just about had it with Tablo.

The live TV guide / grid should show a flashing red channel name / call sign telling you those 2 channels are tuned.

One thing you might try is to reboot your Tablo (quickly press and release the blue button on the back of the unit). If one tuner has become unusable, rebooting may clear the problem.

If rebooting doesn’t clear your problem, then I would suggest calling or submitting a ticket with Tablo Support. They can look at your Tablo’s log and should be able to tell you what is going on. Unfortunately, they won’t be back in the office until Tuesday since Monday is a Canadian holiday.

Need Support?

Our support gurus are based at Tablo HQ in Canada and our regular support hours are 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday - Friday.

Call 1-844-822-5688 or submit an email ticket.

Would this be Live TV via remote connect?

Live tv, guide only shows 1 channel being recorded, dont want to reboot as dont want to corrupt what’s being recorded, will wait till it ends then reboot. Thanks for the feedback evrryone

This is a two tuner unit? What’s your recording quality set to? Some settings will use two tuners.

Really didnt know that. I think I have the quality set higher on the recorded. Do you know what levels use 2 tuners

It only happens on four tuner units, so might not be what’s happening to you. See

Yes the highest quality settings of 1080p 10 Mbps 720p @ 60 fps uses “2 tuners” on the 4 tuner and QUAD models. There are still 2 tuners free to watch 2 channels or perform 2 recordings on the 2 tuner and DUAL models. So that would not be the OP’s issue.

Well, did a reboot and it seems to have fixed it… Really surprized how hot the underside of the box was Dual-lite… might make some legs so air can move around all sides. I mean it was really HOT on the underside

Is it in an enclosed area? Or a well ventilated area?

Sitting on the floor, (carpeted) in a mostly empty room. It was a few inches from a wall then nothing else within 5 ft or more.

Things sitting on carpet aren’t usually well ventilated.

@theuser86 is correct, your initial problem was probably due to overheating. Sitting on a carpeted floor is like putting a blanket over the unit and will not allow sufficient air flow to properly cool the unit.

Even on a solid surface, Tablos run hotter than many other electronic devices. I use a laptop cooler under my Tablos to keep them cool. Other users have set their units on their sides to allow better air circulation. Some users have set up small fans to provide sufficient cooling.

Since adding the laptop cooler under my Tablos, they have both operated for more than 4 years without a problem.

Thanks, sounds like they should have put some legs on this thing if they wanted airflow under it. Will rig something up.

Mine’s in the basement where it’s about 65 degrees. In the heat of the summer it gets to about 70.
It’s on a shelf near the network stuff. I still put it on blocks like a car that’s had the tires and wheels stolen :smiley:
Just little pieces of 3/4" pine. It’s never been more than barely warm.

Good ole OG Tablo is a sharp edged box so I turned it to sit vertically on its side to passively cool. Still going strong after 5 years (knock on wood)