No Tuner Available?

Hi there - faithfully using Tablo since November, but a few glitches. I had to have support reset my model after it would not recognize my hard drive. Now, it apparently is doing the same thing. Right in the middle of watching TV for hours, the signal freezes, and when I go back to the menu, I can’t play LiveTV because it says no tuner available. I’m using my AppleTV when this is happening, but it’s happening on Roku and on the WebApp and Firestick. I can see my HD on the web here, and it isn’t even half full. Anyone have any suggestions?

Well…Nevermind! Ha! Resetting it three times seems to be the charm. Every time I experience issues, it’s this way - takes THREE times! I’m glad that’s working, but it stymies me why all of a sudden, I just lose signal and then I have to reset by unplugging EVERYTHING and restarting three times.

Can’t help ya with the random resets> But, I had similar issues, when I first started using Tablo with sudden unexpected freezes and resets. I, like many added a fan blowing on the Box and keep the box on standing up for better airflow, no reset issues at all in the past month from what was a almost daily occurrence. Perhaps it could help you if you don’t already do that?