No tuner available message?

It looks like my Tablo used 2 tuners to record 60 Minutes twice last night?!? So I have two recordings of 60 Minutes recorded off the same channel at the same time… the only difference being that there’s a “31” prefix in front of one of the recording names. As a result it didn’t record American Idol and the no tuner available is the reason shown. I had a 5 minute run over setup for the end time of 60 Minutes… did that 5 minutes keep American Idol from recording? Are there any buffer limits I should know about? I went out and unscheduled 60 Minutes and rescheduled it… looks like it still wants to record it twice?!? Thoughts???

I’d delete the 60 minutes recording entirely, restart your Tablo box and then try again. Could be a glitch in the programming guide I suppose. And as far as I know, if you run over too far into a show, Tablo won’t pick up when there is a tuner available. Check your conflicts and see if you have any once you set 60 minutes back up. I check for conflicts at least weekly as the networks have a nasty habit of moving things around.

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Thanks Steve… I’ll try it.