No thumbnails showing


I guess you will just have to accept that generating thumbnails requires a tuner.


Oh I believe that at this point. It clarifies several issues I’ve seen people having in various threads here. And thanks for that link it helps to understand your prior post.



Just got an email from tablo which is about “Tuner Math”

" One more reason to choose a 4-Tuner Tablo: Tablo also uses a tuner to process the fast forward preview thumbnails on recordings once they’re complete, so having a tuner available at the end of a recording means you’ll have access to thumbnails within minutes."’



So maybe it’s a “one shot” thing, that is, if tuners are occupied when it first attempts thumbnails, it never goes back to try again… maybe that’s what is meant??


It will if you reboot the Tablo. But if there is an error in the stream, the process can still fail.


A “build thumbnail” button or option might be useful, rather than having to reboot the Tablo.


Let’s say all tuners are being used all day… recording like there’s no tomorrow.
There’s no opportunity for preview thumbnails to generate.

Will the preview thumbnails generate after the nightly maintenance?


The ‘job’ of creating FFWD previews is queued until there’s an available tuner.

Nightly maintenance doesn’t cause or require a reboot, and won’t interrupt a recording so in that case your Tablo would STILL wait for an available tuner to create those preview frames.


Wait, what?
When did this start happening?


“While not a common occurrence, it is possible for Fast Forward Preview generation to fail. This is almost always caused by an error in the actual recording, generally resulting from a degradation in the
Over-the-Air signal during the recording process.”

If the tablo software knows that the recording is so degraded that, even though it plays perfectly, FF thumbnails can’t be generated why doesn’t it place some tick mark in the recording description?


So just to clarify, in relation to @cjcox’s comment, if all tuners are occupied then the first “attempt” would be after one of the tuners is available, so the scenario he mentions shouldn’t ever happen, correct?



If you’re missing FFWD preview frames on a recording and it’s had the time and the tuner to process them, it’s more than likely that the process failed because of an error in the file.