"No Storage Connected" error message

I had a power failure while using my Quad Tablo SPVR4-01-NA. Now Tablo settings menu states “No Storage Connected”. Tried powering off and on, blue button reset, disconnecting disk and reconnect with no success. A USB stick works so Quad USB port(s) is working. The drive is a 2TB Western Digital WDBU6Y0020BBK-0A (recommended). I have determined that my WD hard drive is good. I have installed Paragon Software’s extFS on my MAC. Their diagnostics show the drive has no errors. I can view new and older recordings from the drive on my MAC with no issue. I have read many other users posts who have experience “No Storage Connected” issues but haven’t seen a real resolution.

Why can’t my Quad device detect my working WD HD? Are there any Tablo internal diagnostics that can be run to figure out what the problem is before I am forced to reformat the drive and factory reset the Quad? I am concerned that after reformatting the HD that the Quad still will not detect the drive. Also I would like to keep my recordings if possible.

If you have a gen 1 they have 2 USB ports. I would try the other port. And I only use the WD disk utililty to check my disks. I does a very good scan/check disk. But I also have only used it on windows I also don’t know if a USB stick draws more or less power then your WD drive. I assume you have swapped USB cables.

support could always remote connect and tell you what’ is in the tablo log.


Thank you for your spot on response. You and I think alike. I did tried the second port (Gen 1 device) and it did not recognize the drive. Flash drives take less voltage to work, so that’s why mine did work. I downloaded WD utilities but at a low level the MAC cannot read the drive ext4 format. So WD utilites on my MAC with ext4 formatted drive did not help (but thanks for the recommendation). I de-installed the Paragon software because it was causing WEB pages to not load and other issues. Anytime you have a software interface with the operating system Kernel you are asking for trouble. Most Micro-B cables seem to be for “charging” devices not fast data transfer. So I decided to just buy another hard drive with a WD cable (could not even buy a cable on their website). Low probability that it’s a 7 year old cable but once I get the new drive I’ll swap the cable to see if this solved the problem and update this post. Happy 4th of July! Thanks again for your insight.

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New cable old drive, still getting “No storage connected”. New WD HDD with old cable Quad sees the storage and ready for formatting. Would like to clone (or copy files) the old drive to the new drive but don’t have an easy way to accomplish this on my MAC. Also waiting for Tablo Support to remote access the Quad to see what they can see via international diagnostics and log files. About ready to just cut my losses and reformat the new drive. Frustrating.

OK, I gave up waiting for inferior Tablo Support. Did a factory reset on my Quad, connected the new drive and reformatted it. All working but obviously all recordings gone. Old drive works on my MAC with extFS software and physically detected on a Chromebook and Windows PC. I’ll reformat the old drive using WD Disk Utility and use it for other applications. Extremely poor technical support from Tablo.