No sound on Tablo using S9

I don’t have sound on 19.5 on my S9 but do using AppleTV. All other channels do have sound on S9.

Anyone have an idea why?

Edit: switched from WiFi to LTE and have sound on 19.5. How can WiFi be blocking sound on only channel 19?

Have you enabled the new surround sound feature?

If yes, then over LTE is your remote streaming quality set to anything lower than Full Quality? If yes, then it is likely transcoding the audio from 5.1 AC3 to 2.0 AAC, which is why you get sound.

Surround Sound is enabled, but the problem is ONLY channel 19 (all sub channels). Recording Quality is HD-720 - 5 Mbps, Live TV is HD-720 - 5 Mbps. Remote streaming quality is 1 Mbps.

Still waiting for the released update, but using the last beta version.

I wouldn’t think the final release would have any different effect.

How are you getting sound on your S9? Is it natively doing it through the Android app, or are you using the site with an external player? If it native, I would be curious to see if you get sound using the external player (VLC). (My Dolby Android phone only plays sound using the external player)

And as stated by theuser86, LTE works because it is transcoded back to stereo sound for Tablo Connect.

I repeat, sound WORKS on ALL, with the exception of 19. 19 works on LTE but not WiFi. I am using the native Androud app.

Interesting. I wonder what makes the native Android app work on some phones and not others. The main difference that I see is that the S9 supports Dolby Atmos sound, while the G6 is just Dolby.

If you have time, you might want to install VLC on your phone, use the site in Chrome on this phone, go to settings and check “use external player”, and then try to watch any of the channel 19 channels. If that fails to play sound, then you know it is just something with the channel. If it does play sound, then it may be something wonky with the Android app and that set of channels.

One idea I had was that the channel 19 channels are all SD channels with no surround sound anyway, but it sounds like all the other SD channels plays audio fine (and they play fine for me as well in my city). It’s a weird issue since you AppleTV is playing sound on those channels just fine.

To add to the weirdness earlier today I was at Starbucks so tried wifi and 19 had sound. If course I had re by looted my phone. Will try when I have time.

Were you on full quality or still 1 Mbps? You will always get sound at 1 Mbps (or anything but full quality).

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I was wondering if this is worth it or slingtv

Must have been a phone problem. Since the phone was restarted, it has sound today.