No sound on new Samsung ota or library

I transferred tablo and Roku to a new Samsung DU 7200 tv and now have no sound on ota or library functions, either via tv speaker or sound bar. My old visio tv (with Roku) and tablo acts normal, as does phone app. Other apps on the no-sound Samsung have normal sound: prime, Roku, etc.
Customer service says this is a recent known issue and a fix is in the works but I can find no mention on tablo community …\

I would check the sound settings on the Roku if you haven’t already. If set to “auto” try changing to see if it helps.

I had to turn off everything having to do with surround in my Roku Ultra settings to get my Tablo 4th gen to work on my Vizio TV. Otherwise like you, I got no sound. I think I even got a black screen. Was back in Sept of 2023 so I don’t recall all the issues.

Below are my settings…
Audio Mode = Stereo
Preferred Streaming Format = Auto
Digital Output Format = Stereo

Is there a possible issue with the EDID version your TV selects? Check to see if it’s on Auto, or try each of your available versions and see what works best. (“auto” is great, but sometimes an odd device or two will need a manual).

YES! I switched the Roku /settings/audio/ digital output format/ from AUTO to STEREO and now TABLO recordings and OTA have sound! Thank You ! …
Roku Express 4k
Visio sb3651 cheap sound bar. (switching to TV speaker : same problem
Tablo 4 gen
Samsung DU7200, brand new, basic 4k tv
thank you !

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