No sound at all

I’m totally new to this. Why can’t i get any sound whether it is live tv or a scheduled recording? is there some sort of mute button somewhere?

I’m trying to play the recorded video on my android cell phone. And how do i get it to play on my smart tv? Do I have to download some sort of tablo app for the tv too?

I have NO sound when using WiFi 5 Ghz but do on LTE on my phone. My Roku stick is on 5Ghz wifi and it does have sound.

Turn off the surround sound option in the Tablo settings. And what is the make and model of your smart tv? It may or may not have a Tablo app.

Take a read of this thread and all its links.

ok the sound seems to work on live tv now so that’s a good start. The tv is a samsung that we bought about 6 months ago. I’ll check to see if it has a tablo app on it. if it doesn’t, do I have to download it somehow? thanks

The Samsung TV should have a Tablo app. See link below. Install the Tablo app on the TV. However, you will likely have a better experience if you connect a separate box to your TV such as a Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV.