No recording in December

I was trying to get caught up on some shows and found out that Tablo has not recorded any show in December. This includes schedule shows and some new Christmas shows. Any one else having this issue?

Sorry no - things continue to record.

Reboot your Tablo. Then unselect the show for recording and then reschedule it.

See what happens.

No problems here either, all scheduled programs continue to record.

@Rugged - Sorry to hear that. If you drop us a line we can get you all fixed up:

Same happened to me and a few other people. For us it actually all started around a similar date - The weekend of 12/11. I was able to get back to normal with a reset and then had Tablo login to my device to check things out. All back to normal now… But I share the frustration. We missed some things that we really wanted to see.